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Advanced Manufacturing (ADM)
Product designer?

Instructor: John Schein
440-357-7542 ext. 8197

Allied Health Technology (AHT)
Future in medicine?

Instructor: Stacey Yarnell
440-357-7542 ext. 8257

Architecture and Project Management (APM)
Born to build?

Instructor: Dennis Harvey
440-357-7542 ext. 8230

Automotive Collision Repair (ACR)
Mr. or Miss fix it?

Instructor: Justin Bruno
440-357-7542 ext. 8234

Automotive Technology (AUT)
Car Guru?

Instructor: Tom Welk
440-357-7542 ext. 8218

Computer Networking Technology and Cyber Security (CNT)
Computer geek?

Instructor: Darrin Spondike
440-357-7542 ext. 8243

Construction (CON)
Do it yourself?

Instructor: Robert Hill
440-357-7542 ext. 8208

Cosmetology (COS)
Beauty blogger?

Instructor: Brandi Holland
440-357-7542 ext. 8217

Criminal Justice (CRJ)
Stand up for justice?

Instructor: Stephen Roberts
440-357-7542 ext. 8306

Culinary Arts (CUL)
Top Chef?

Instructor: Amy Ryan
440-357-7542 ext. 8117

Dental Assistant Technology (DAT)
Like to make people smile?

Instructor: Angela Eckman
440-357-7542 ext. 8384

Electrical Engineering Prep (EEP)
Rewire your future?

Instructor: Keith Conn
440-357-7542 ext. 8383

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
Calm in a crisis?

Instructor: John Blauch
440-357-7542 ext. 8238

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Cool enough to bring the heat?

Instructor: Wayne Reed
440-357-7542 ext. 8389

Interactive Multimedia Technology (IMT)
Aspiring vlogger?
Instructor: Rodney Kozar
440-357-7542 ext. 8207
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0:00:05 Welcome and Introductions.
0:00:57 What career can you go into with IMT?
0:01:56 What is class like? 
0:03:22 What kind of technologies are used? 
0:05:05 What will students be learning?
0:07:12 Will the student need further education?
0:08:02 What are alumni doing now after IMT?
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0:09:05 What are your plans after high school?
0:09:37 Why did you join?
0:10:09 What opportunities are available?
0:11:09 What is most liked about IMT? 

Marketing and Business Applications (MBA)
Starting a Start Up?

Instructor: Angela Nelson
440-357-7542 ext. 8221

Patient Care Technician (PCT)
Compassionate caregiver?

Instructor: Christine Tredent
440-357-7542 ext. 8223

Horticulture Science Technology 
Curious about curb appeal?

Instructor: Andrew Pratt
440-357-7542 ext. 8362

Production and Welding Technology (PWT)
Problem solver?

Instructor: Scott Slagle
440-357-7542 ext. 8122

Pro Web and Game Design (WGD)
Ready Player One?

Instructor: Jason Gardner
440-357-7542 ext. 8386

Educator Career Pathways (EDU)
Teacher's pet?

Instructor: Nanci Kasten
440-357-7542 ext. 8134

Technology Engineering and Design (TED)
Build it. They will come.

Instructor: Laura Ciszewski
440-357-7542 ext. 8136

Welding (WLD)
Spark your passion?

Instructor: Jared Rogge
440-357-7542 ext. 8242

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