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Advanced Manufacturing

Allied Health Technology

(AHT) — Up to 11 college credits
  • Explore a wide range of medical careers through high level academic coursework and practical lab experiences and while earning CPR and other certifications
  • Emphasis on medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, infection control and pharmacology
  • Learn to perform routine administrative and clinical procedures using professional medical equipment and technology

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Architecture Project Management

(APM) — Up to 11 college credits
  • Complete community project based learning experiences
  • Generate blueprints and 3D computer drawings using advanced architectural software
  • Identify and choose appropriate materials for construction projects

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Automotive Collision Repair

(ACR) — Up to 30 hours of technology studies credits

  • Assess damage, fabricate, assemble, and paint customer vehicles in a professional repair environment
  • Straighten and replace damaged parts using modern welding, sanding, masking, and painting procedures
  • Use advanced automotive detailing techniques to secure your future in a high demand/high wage industry

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Automotive Technology

(AUT) — Up to 18 college credits

  • Diagnose, maintain, and repair a wide range of vehicles
  • Use modern diagnostic and repair equipment with techniques modeled after professional mechanics
  • Work on today’s complex vehicle computers and advanced under-car systems

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Business Management Technology

(BMT) — Up to 14 college credits

  • Understand the principles surrounding business management practices through real-life application, internship opportunities, and college-bound coursework
  • Identify the importance and need for law in business, and develop viable business models for launching, growing and expanding a business
  • Earn the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification

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Computer Networking Technology & Cyber Security

(CNT) — Up to 24 college credits

  • Design, install, and troubleshoot computer network systems
  • Earn computer technology certifications, such as A+, Network+, CISCO, Security+
  • Build and repair computers

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(CON) — Up to 9 college credits

  • Work in all aspects of construction, including blueprint reading, framing, roofing, residential wiring and finish carpentry
  • Build a residential home from the ground up in a real-world, practical setting
  • Work side by side with professionals on residential construction projects

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(COS) — Up to 3 college credits

  • Perform a wide range of hair services, skin care, and nail treatments
  • Operate a full-service, interactive salon
  • Work side by side with industry professionals to help prepare you for State Board exams

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Criminal Justice & Security

(CJS) — College credits TBA

  • Learn techniques to secure and protect people and infrastructure from natural and manmade disaster
  • Study criminal behavior and how various court systems are used to judge and punish offenders
  • Collect and analyze evidence by using structured and scientific approaches in investigations of crimes

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Culinary Arts

(CUL) — Up to 7 college credits

  • Explore the culinary profession through a wide variety of hands-on experiences
  • Operate and manage a full-service restaurant while gaining valuable industry experience and employability skills
  • Create and present a complete restaurant concept

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Electrical Engineering Prep

(EEP) — Up to 9 college credits

  • Design and maintain advanced electronic components using modern technology
  • Apply principles of residential, commercial, and industrial wiring and electrical systems
  • Earn nationally recognized certifications while learning basic engineering concepts

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Emergency Medical Services

(EMS) — Up to 9 college credits

  • Explore health and safety careers such as firefighter, EMT/paramedic and emergency room personnel
  • Use medical and diagnostic equipment to perform detailed medical and trauma patient assessments
  • Experience real-world clinical environments

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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

(HVAC) — Up to 23 college credits

  • Design, fabricate, install, and maintain heating and air conditioning systems in our state-of-the-art facility
  • Troubleshoot commercial and residential systems using advanced tools and diagnostic equipment
  • Learn the skills you need to service and install temperature, humidity, and air quality control systems as you prepare for internship and apprenticeship opportunities

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Interactive Multimedia Technology

(IMT) — Up to 21 college credits

  • Operate and maintain multimedia production equipment: digital SLR and digital video cameras, audio/visual recording equipment, and lighting
  • Learn to use your creative and artistic abilities in many areas of media
  • Earn Adobe and IC3 certifications

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Internet Programming & Development

(IPD) — Up to 15 college credits

  • Design, create, and maintain dynamic websites and databases while earning CIW Web, IC3, and Microsoft Digital Literacy certifications
  • Use a wide range of advanced web-based programming languages
  • Learn graphic design skills necessary for real-world application

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Mechanical Technology Applications

(MTA) — Up to 11 college credits

  • Obtain Mechatronic training while earning nationally recognized certifications
  • Gain hands-on experience in woodworking, machinery, electricity, blueprints, and welding
  • Learn the employability skills necessary to be competitive for employment in this industry

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Mobile Applications & Technology

(MAT) — Up to 20 college credits 

  • Learn all aspects of the technology field while earning A+, Net+, IC3, and Microsoft Digital Literacy certifications
  • Learn safety, security and ethical issues involved with computer and social networking
  • Build, evaluate, troubleshoot and maintain computers and networking

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Patient Care Technician

(PCT) — Up to 15 college credits

  • Learn the skills necessary to deliver quality patient care
  • Apply medical skills and practice diagnostic procedures in a clinical lab environment
  • Opportunity to obtain certifications in EKG, Bloodborne Pathogens, First Aid and Phlebotomy

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Plant, Turf & Landscape Management

(PTLM) — Up to 8 college credits

  • Explore a career field that combines art and science and allows you the flexibility to work both indoors and outdoors.
  • Install and manage residential and commercial landscape designs at real job sites while earning industry certifications
  • Learn how to operate and maintain professional landscape equipment

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Sports Medicine

(SMD) — Up to 20 college credits

  • Use advanced fitness training techniques and medical protocols to implement rehabilitative care plans
  • Learn the basics of preventing, diagnosing, and treating injuries related to sports and/or exercise while earning your Certified Personal Trainer certification
  • Learn business skills and procedures necessary to run a physical fitness training room on-site

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Teaching Professions Pathway

(TPP) — Up to 17 college credits

  • Introductory course in teaching strategies, classroom management, and technology skills to prepare students for careers in education
  • Participate in field experiences at local schools while earning CPR & First Aid certifications
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the teaching profession and the skills required in today’s classroom

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(WLD) — Up to 7 college credits

  • Use welding technologies to design, engineer, and fabricate solutions
  • Learn to interpret blueprints and specifications
  • Develop the skills and work ethic necessary for a career in a high demand/high wage trade while earning your American Welding Society certification

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